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explorer race

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This is why you must be very clear these days. You must not have casual fantasies that are negative! If you notice them, change them immediately to something else.

Because your responsibility is growing day by day, you need to have tools. Yes, you need some understanding of the past; yes, some understanding of what is to come; yes, an understanding of what to do now — all these are very good.

Yet you must know that your number one function right now is your status of Creator apprentice, which you have achieved through years and lifetimes of sweat.

As Creator apprentice, this means that you are constantly being given responsibilities by the Creator that would normally be things that Creator would do.

Now this responsibility is thrust upon you. So in your explorations in this lifetime as well as in the future to the stars, you will know that your responsibility lies very strongly and significantly in applying the wisdom you have learned, because that which you do through wisdom must work!

You must know it works. And if it works with a larger group, then you try it with many, many. But only apply to the many what you know for certain is benevolent and works.

These intense energies coming through now are only the precursor to what the Creator apprentice must work with.

So here is homework for you, Explorer Race individuals! This time I want you to do your visualizations a little differently.

Since you will tend to feel the bulk of this physical, kinetic energy which is creation energy on this level , I want you to hold a beautiful visualization and put it right into your solar plexus.

Not inside your body, but take the image and rest it at the base of your sternum, where your upper abdomen begins. This will be somewhat physical for many of you.

It can be simple, such as color and waves of color, or it can be a feeling — peace, happiness, joy, whatever is easiest for you to attain — but it must be a full-body feeling.

Then focus it on your solar plexus, as if you were laying it on the surface, and then project it outward.

You see, in Creator apprentice training you learn how physical reality is created. So it is time to consciously begin to use yourself as a lens!

Many visualizations and meditations have been designed to create relaxation or certain goals within your body. Then bring your hands down, resting your wrists on the lower rib cage.

Hold this vision between your hands right where your solar plexus begins, and then aim your fingers and this vision of beauty and peace and wonder — whatever you can create — out into the world at large.

You can put gold light in it if you wish, or white light. I recommend a combination of the two because gold light is permanent and white light is consumable.

You may use other colors — I would recommend pink, or you may use light blue if you like. Be creative, imaginative, try what you will.

Hold that for a few moments and broadcast it outward. You have no idea yet how strong your Creator potential is. This is a wonderful thing to do in your meditation circles with many people.

You might even create a consensus of a picture of beauty by looking at a picture or a painting that you find beautiful. Hold it, imagine it between your hands in energy, then aim it outward from your solar plexus to your planet.

As a Creator apprentice, it is literally your job now to create what Earth will look like in the fourth dimension.

You are still parked at 3. Before the end of the year you will most likely begin to move forward again incrementally. This is why you need to set your intention: But this is something you can do that will literally create the new world.

The responsibility of the Explorer Race is not only to explore, but to create. Suppose you find some planet that is going through something that is destroying the civilization?

Maybe the planet is overvolcanic. Maybe there are too many earthquakes. Maybe the planet itself would like to be rescued, to say nothing of the civilizations on the surface.

You, as the Explorer Race, Creator apprentice, will then hold a picture of how you would like that planet to look. You will talk to the citizens: How do you want it to look?

Or by that time you may be using other techniques, one of which basically involves pointing your hands in a certain manner.

Or maybe you will direct it from your third eye. But most likely you will use your solar plexus, because that is the Creator area for physical reality.

And you will be able to help calm the planet, calm the inner turmoil within the planet, bring the planet itself love, balance and benevolence, and help to rebuild the surface civilization and cities with these visions that go beyond thought and become manifested as physical reality.

This is the destiny of the Explorer Race — not only to explore, but to create. Zoosh through Robert Shapiro. There is so much vital information here.

I love feeling this wide awake. Before I forget, it is constructed in the form of questions and answers which draw out in detail material which will cause you to figuratively say, "OK, UNCLE I surrender; you got me on your side no matter where I thought I was when I began reading.

This book is discombobulating, astounding, life changing because perspective is changed. It has no loopholes; other channeling comes from regions where the inhabitants have stopped growing because their societies have no polarity, no negativity.

Everything is very ideal. That falls under the heading of never forget that! You must always remember that boredom is a choice.

I am happy to work with you here. For those of you who have been reading the books for some time, you have a deep background on this material.

Many people today are wondering what it is all about. Why are we here? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? And how can I do it in a way that will do something to improve the quality of my life, and the life of my friends and family?

The whole purpose of The Explorer Race series of books up to this point has been to answer all of those questions. But it began, as any explanation that can be understood begins, with deep background.

What is so important about it? Why does it matter? So, the whole purpose, then, of this website is to bring that message forth in a way that will allow you to appreciate that.

But if you pick only one book to read, to answer your personal questions about who you are, that would have been written directly to you, by your name, please read the first book, The Explorer Race.

This will answer a great many of your questions. And all of those relevant questions are stated. So you will join her on her discovery to answer those questions which she did not fully realize at the time she was asking for you as she is a member, naturally, in good standing, of the human race on Earth; as you are.

This website will attempt to bring that more into a present value. Others will also comment in these short videos and you will be able, when we get things organized, to acquire lengthier videos on DVD or download that will allow you to instantaneously receive the latest information relevant to your current times, your current events and where you fit into all of that.

You are important to the universe to Creator, to angels, to your guides, to your friends, your family and to me.

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Ich kann nur von dem Kauf abraten es sei den man möchte den Roller Restaurieren. Habe aber bei Ebay einen Vorrat besorgt und Töchterchen eine Einweisung gegeben, wie sie ihn schnell wechseln kann, wenn sie man unterwegs ist! Ist warscheinlich nicht so gutes Material!! Moderator alarmieren 1x Danke Auf diesen Beitrag antworten. Nach 10tkm schon 3x den Riemen? Wo dem Blech noch gehuldigt wird Editorial:

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